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Sources and tools

Lojban Language Group [NEXT]  Reference Grammar [AND]  wordlists

xiron site [NEXT]  gismu dictionary search  [AND]  parser  [AND] Reference Grammar[AND]wordlists

Lojban Information Site (copy of Hezekiah)   glosser [AND]  complete dictionary search (not working)

Lee Daniel Crocker [NEXT]  a copy of Reference Grammar and wordlists in HTML format

Richard Curnow's Lojban page [NEXT]  a Lojban handbook on 24 pages

Lojban dictionary for ispell(1) by ARJ

Gismu list with hyperlinks (Adam Raizen)

Lojban community

Lojban maillist: subscription, current traffic and archives from May 1998 [NEXT] 

findmail.com  [AND]  egroups.com 
Old archives [NEXT]  raw files (Dec 1989 - Dec 1999) [AND]  threads Feb - Sep 1994
Lojban FAQ
jbosnu maillist: subscription, current traffic and archives from Jan 2000 [NEXT]  [AND]  egroups.com
Lojban Webring

What is Lojban?

Lojban Overview [AND]  Lojban FAQ
Official Lojban brochure [NEXT]  in English [AND]  in Esperanto [AND] in Russian [AND] in French [AND] in Spanish
Robin Turner [NEXT] Lojban - a logical language
Arnt Richard Johansen [NEXT] ARJ's Lojban pages:
Why I like Lojban
Reasons not to like Lojban
Myths about Lojban
Short examples of Lojban sentences
Robert J. Chassell [NEXT]  Tenseless Language
A collection of papers on "Why Lojban" from the official site [NEXT] at lojban.org [AND] at xiron site

Starting to learn Lojban

Lojban Lessons by Robin Turner
Draft textbook [NEXT]  at xiron site [AND]  at lojban.org site
Stuart Bonham [NEXT]  First Words in Lojban
Hartmut Pilch [NEXT]  learn Lojban [AND]  lernu Lojbanon
The Four Essential Travel Phrases   Lojban
crino: sample phrases by Brett Williams / SwiftRain
A brief explanation of Lojban aspects

For advanced learners

Arnt Richard Johansen [NEXT] ARJ's Lojban pages:
Stylistic issues in Lojban text
The different Lojban orthographies
List of unofficial gismu
How to swear in Lojban
How to write poetry in Lojban
Geoffrey Hacker [NEXT]  Looking at Other Conlangs:
Lojban Editorial
Lojbanic Style 970728
Eric S Raymond [NEXT] la tenguar: A romantic orthography for Lojban

Texts in Lojban

The Lord's Prayer translated by Bob LeChevalier
Babel text translated by Jorge Llambias
Klingon info in Lojban (Mark Shoulson)
Prologue to the Canterbury Tales translated by Richard Curnow
The Unknown Farmer - a poem by Melissa Fitzgibbon translated by Geoffrey Hacker
ARJ's Lojban pages
.i mi pacna [AND]  I have a dream (at Hartmut Pilch's site)
at lojban.org [AND]  at xiron site [AND]  at Nick Nicholas' page

Homepages in Lojban

Nick Nicholas
le skami zdani pe la ke'acpi , by Herman Miller
Arnt Richard Johansen
Decade Zero

Sound samples

Files at the FTP archive
Nick Nicholas (push the button near the Lojban logo to hear a short greeting)
Robert Rapplean: Lojban tapes (project in progress)


Lojban-style counters for WWW-pages from Digit Mania
GIF images of the Lojban symbol [NEXT]  at xiron site [AND]  at ARJ site
"New" and "Updated" labels from Everson Gunn Teoranta


at lojban.org [AND]  at xiron site [AND]  from hezekiah site
Emacs Lisp libraries for lojban by Robert Chassel
Brian Warner's Perl scripts and programs for PalmPilot
Chris Double Playing Scrabble in Lojban (link updated)
lujvo parser by George Foot [NEXT]  jvokatna.c [AND]  jvokatna.exe
parser/glosser by Richard Curnow (alpha version)

Lojban pages in Esperanto

la lojxbana lingvo
Lojxban - La Logika Lingvo

TLI Loglan

Loglan homepage [NEXT] Loglan 1 book [AND]  Loglan 3 book
Loglan pages by Vyacheslav Ivanov:
Russian Loglan page [NEXT] Loglan primer for Russian speakers
Russian translation of Loglan 3 textbook
Loglan page in Esperanto
What can be learned from thirty years of teaching a logical language about the probable course of language evolution, an article by J. C. Brown
A problem based on Loglan from ACM Programming Contest

Related languages

Dublex [AND]Acadon [AND] Voksigid [AND] Ceqli [AND] guaspi [AND] pala-kalloejna [AND] Liva [AND] AllNoun

Other related topics

ProtoThinker Project Home Page [NEW!]
LangMaker - a freeware package by Jeffrey Henning. Contains a file with Lojban gismu definitions.
a Near-optimal Loglan, by Jeff Prothero
Geoffrey Hacker [NEXT]  Designing a Conlang [NEXT]  Development (a critique of Lojban)
Christopher Reid Palmer  [NEXT]  Lojban as Human-Computer Interface Interlingua (dead link)
Rick Morneau [NEXT]  Loglan / Lojban Unsuitable for Machine Translation
Lojban as patent description language:
The EU Patent Office should adopt a Logical Language
Association for Language-Independent Accessibility of Public Information
Linux Internationalisation Initiative [NEXT]  le ko'e ko'a te snada
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis:
Page by Jesse J. Otto
Benjamin Lee Whorf e le actual "linguas logic", per Frank Esterhill
Ron Hale-Evans:
The Kenning Game: An Introduction
Kennings, difrasismo, and tertium comparationes
An article about Lojban from Nettime mailinglist

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