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jbofi'e says:

Lojban translation

[1(2[facki1 (discover-er(s))
:] mi
I, me)2
[is, does] <<3facki
discover-ing>>3 (4[facki2 (discovery(ies))
:] lei
between them the (5cinri
[type-of] zasti
[1(2[facki1 (discover-er(s)) :] mi I, me)2 [is, does] «3facki discover-ing»3 (4[facki2 (discovery(ies)) :] lei between them the (5cinri interesting [type-of] zasti exist-er(s))5)4]1

la jbofi'e was created by Richard Curnow
This program was created by Raphaël Poss

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