PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN OLD VERSION. The current version is linked from The Complete Lojban Language.

Lojban Reference Grammar

This is the final, baselined version

NOTE: this HTML version of the reference grammar still contains a number of minor errors and a few hundred typos. These have been corrected in the published book.

Jan 10, 1997


  1. Lojban As We Mangle It In Lojbanistan: About This Book (chap1.html)
  2. A Quick Tour of Lojban Grammar, With Diagrams (chap2.html)
  3. The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Lojban (chap3.html)
  4. The Shape Of Words To Come: Lojban Morphology (chap4.html)
  5. "Pretty Little Girls' School": The Structure Of Lojban selbri (chap5.html)
  6. To Speak Of Many Things: The Lojban sumti (chap6.html)
  7. Brevity Is The Soul Of Language: Pro-sumti And Pro-bridi (chap7.html)
  8. Relative Clauses, Which Make sumti Even More Complicated (chap8.html)
  9. To Boston Via The Road Go I, With An Excursion Into The Land Of Modals (chap9.html)
  10. Imaginary Journeys: The Lojban Space/Time Tense System (chap10.html)
  11. Events, Qualities, Quantities, And Other Vague Words: On Lojban Abstraction (chap11.html)
  12. Dog House And White House: Determining lujvo Place Structures (chap12.html)
  13. Oooh! Arrgh! Ugh! Yecch! Attitudinal and Emotional Indicators (chap13.html)
  14. If Wishes Were Horses: The Lojban Connective System (chap14.html)
  15. "No" Problems: On Lojban Negation (chap15.html)
  16. "Who Did You Pass On The Road? Nobody": Lojban And Logic (chap16.html)
  17. As Easy As A-B-C? The Lojban Letteral System And Its Uses (chap17.html)
  18. lojbau mekso: Mathematical Expressions in Lojban (chap18.html)
  19. Putting It All Together: Notes on the Structure of Lojban Texts (chap19.html)
  20. A Catalogue of selma'o (chap20.html)
  21. Formal Grammars (chap21.html)

( 18 - 122kb / chapter )

The entire reference grammar is available as an archive:

The hardbound version has been announced

A (Lojban Reference Grammar) HTML to LaTeX Converter

(v0.2 Apr 15, 1997)

This program handles all the tags present in the HTML version of the Lojban Reference Grammar in a reasonable way.

Cross-reference tags <a name..>/<a href..> have been excluded as they don't seem significant outside the HTML context.

cx, lx and ex tags are converted to separate index entries using index.sty. Comment out the lines with '-- indexing' if you don't want the indices.

The SIL-IPA font stuff in Chapter 3 is converted to ipa.sty.

This is NOT a general purpose HTML to LaTeX converter -- many common tags are missing, and some rules are based on the actual structure of the LRG HTML.
The conversion is not very polished but ought to require only minor hand-tuning.

Programmed by Veijo Vilva ( as a Lua exercise

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