Old LLG Projects

These are projects which are semi-active and do not appear to have people directly responsible for them.


The dictionary project is now entirely subsumed by a combination of jbovlaste and the BPFK (or baupla fuzykamni). The rest of the discussion here is for historical interest only.

The draft Lojban dictionary is online, compiled primarily by lojbab. It needs to have lujvo and cmavo added to it. Volunteers are welcome at all levels of expertise for lujvo definition work; there are thousands of words to be defined with more created all the time. Nora LeChevalier serves as lead on the lujvo definition project. The set of working files for additions to the dictionary are available online.

Eaton Interface

Helen Eaton's 1930s-era list of the most frequently used concepts in 4 European languages has long been a benchmark for completeness of the Lojban lexicon. Volunteers are welcome to translate one or more pages of words from this list to Lojban. The file contains word lists by page and proposed TLI Loglan words for each concept (the tanru metaphors for the proposed TLI words are often very poor, but could spark ideas).

LogFlash 2

Nora LeChevalier is working on a version of LogFlash for learning rafsi and lujvo-making. The prior version became unmaintainably obsolete in 1989.

LogFlash Language Learning research

lojbab gathers data from all Lojbanists willing to use LogFlash on a systematic basis for a few months. This data will help prove or disprove the meaningfulness of the recognition scores used to create Lojban gismu and may lead to publishable general research in the field of second-language learning. Contact lojbab if interested.

TLI Loglan Interface

If there is ever to be a reunification of the two Loglan language communities, the first step will necessarily be a translation interface mapping words and grammar from TLI Loglan to Lojban (the other direction may also be desirable, but would be more difficult, and we intend to coalesce the community around the Lojban baseline in any event). The first step in this, a mapping of gismu and cmavo, has been done, although there has been no accounting for place structures of the TLI Loglan gismu, and the work may be slightly outdated. See oldlog.txt for the work that has been done.

Random Sentence Generator

This is being updated to be consistent with the baselined grammar. The existing program on this site dates back to grammar 2.08, about 8 years old. The update is low priority.

See also the random sentence generator page on the wiki.


Note that this project has largely been superseded by Lojban For Beginners, The Book.

A draft of the textbook is available online, but it is out of date and incomplete. No one is working on it right now; it is considered fairly low priority until the dictionary is done. The main limitation in the existing draft is that a lot of beginner texts are needed which are both interesting and without use of esoteric features of the language. People tend to move beyond the beginner stage very rapidly once they start trying to use the language non-trivially, and few therefore end up able to confine themselves to the most basic features of the language.

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