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"Old-German Letters": After the many-some rafsi modification i felt better,
like one who has broken a fever at last. And my fever ravings could be seen
for what they were, Middle Lojban.

"Vehicle-Control": I tried not to want too much; i dreamed about the Black
Sun. Now i have credit cards, & no more dreams.

"Gismu": Surprisingly cool morning, the road full. Supposing i took another
route, would what i more than remember, dissolve in words of Middle Lojban?
How sweet the bitterness of the longing for autumn.

"Route of Evanescence": Begin-to-be inside the car. Feel opposite-of the
me-&-her twosome, then-superlatively. The door of the garage lifts. I hear
the sound of this & it becomes a sign for everything i have ever lost.

"Sing-insect": The just-now-beginning morning is pinkly golden, the air
as-if clean. All the washing of cars did result in rain.

"Other-sky Vanish-breeze": My think-acts sometimes go among the set of
erased-ones. Forest through a cloud-curtain of white. And i to them seem
also an erased-one. My think-acts sometimes seek among the set of lost-ones.
I do not find them. Perhaps to them i seem  also a lost-one. (Duty!) i won't
erase or lose anything. --Promise made by fog, continues no longer than
breath-layer on a mirror. Think-act, then noiselessness. I ask the
erased-ones & they reply much. Too much. --Noise.

"Flag": Late August morning. Looking at snow while drinking rice wine.
Shadows for awhile are long, from the [thin-clouds-behind &] hour-high sun.
I drive. I intuit much , about nothing. Hard-to-read sign. Physical label &
invented name. The emoter slightly to the left, is imaginarily
between-the-extremes-of pleasure/pain. (Surprise!) The emotion is without
itself & vice versa.

"The Affix -sub-": First part: Fog & blackbird. Here-at or there-at. The
typical line-group is the site of my writing-activity. Vehicle music. Once i
talked with a blackbird, who perched at the top of a tall tree. I was
walking. Now i go by the usual conveyance. Blackbird, speak. Tell me where i
went wrong. Opposite-noise. Not wrong, not right. Fog-suffice. Daytime car
headlights. Secret city across. Universe curtain is clear. Foolish
Second part (hypothetical): Glimmer-sound means of returning. Dream
spirit(1) is named 'Egypt-Governor 90' & has the shape of a car-big
Asian-vegetable. Spirit(1) says, 'Cease the activity of being a doubter.
Truly: slow-chooser. Now, the you-arriver is a certain-one.'
Answeringly-utter: 'Something pertains-to-me; therefore the pertaining-to-me
thing exists. But i can new-name give to myself.' Dream spirit(2) has the
form of a sing-insect & is named 'Crashsound Opposite-Desire'. Spirit(2)
says, 'The blackbird is named "White". (Suggest!) White from now on. Fog
color. Snow sound. Milk odor.' I answeringly-utter: 'My vehicle is blackbird
flight & great ice song.' Dream spirit(3) has no name & is the shape of the
mass-of numbers. Spirit(3) remains with me & does my talking for me, until i
finish understanding the achievement of fog vanishing.

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