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"Green City": Because of its also being cold, the table made of marble other
than for sleeping on, i my hands around a mug not mine habitually place &
smell the tea (acceptance!).

"Trailing-cmavo": Dim one amid the solar fires; ruler of business cycles;
lesser-bright we look through black glass at; symptom of we don't know what
disease... They say you can call the Master of Blackbirds, but only
blackbirds will answer. The smell of just-cut grass, a moment on the air
then gone. Trailing-cmavo.

"Vision Quest": My free-time is never enoughsome (complaint!). I have to
tend so many machines, so many things entailed by what i did before. I want
to begin a new thing. But the place for it to grow in is about the size of a
postage stamp.

"The opposite of smoke": (Sexual appreciation!) Last night-- Gold-green is
the sodium-light on the leaves tonight. (Emotional-togetherness!) Soon
voice-- Gold-gray is the sodium-light on the street tonight. By the
right-way, we go north through frightful statues. (Patience!)(courage!) I
know you want the journey to end. "Flatiron building". You remember
something. I remember instead, the sound which is absent: 'Fog-material'. I
hear the radio with background, my joined-memory. A voice. A similar one. A
bubble remains for a long time, & too long. Myth of a fated destruction.
Your voice, however, is shelter & home. Inside the derogatory-voice is
anguish to the point of madness. I don't finish understanding this. Noise.
Result of removal. It's a "light-passing-through thing" sent by the goddess
star, in truth. Long ago poets knew this, & didn't finish understanding,
either. It's a story of fate & destruction, & of a love which continues for
all time. The preceding, what can one do about it? (Eureka!) I was wrong. I
am free. You are (my) lover. In the past a person could believe that they
were free, or that they were unfree. Nowadays one can do likewise. Only he
who experiences the great love can truthfully talk of freedom, or of

"Moon River": Grayish pink sky above the suburb during the activity of us
walking on the roller support-surface. In this semi-night i am joined to her
by an intermittent hand & by a constant achievement of being-with. I fear
nothing (confusion!)(spiritual wonder!). Despite being surrounded by the
familiar hazards.

"'Most bird-like'": (Serenity!) The she-if & only if-me twosome is shelter
and/or thing-sheltered-from, holy and/or profane, (literally:) frame of
meaning and/or opposite-of-meaning (strong religious wonder!)(sexual mixed
with emotional mixed with mental). Therefore i will sing a wedding song. And
celebrate the state of a promise of infinite-time, made by two

"Green & Gold Mercuryword": I love-dwell between regularly- &
continuously-with. I am dishwash-wise. Ritual haircut, for the sake of a
woman with 'tea'.

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