In A Bitter Hour, by Kalman Kalocsay. Translated from the Esperanto by Nick

In a bitter hour

You are nothing, nothing,
if, without any awareness of the meaning,
you howl about the "New Sensation"!
I would know you to be a ferment,
a powerful capability, a magical force:
you sleepy "family circle".

Is it true that singing the anthem till bursting,
the collective vanity of correspondence,
and the fact that a collection of wierdos
argue about rules of grammar
riding on the Language Basis ---
is *that* the New Sensation?

That, fleeing from obligations
you merely gawp with crosseyed dreams,
and taking a respectable pose
you occasionally cast a pittance
onto the altar of the Cause:
*this* is a sacrifice?

I hit. Brother hits brother.
He himself is tormented by every hit.
Oh my race, my race, my green race!
I would know you to be a ferment,
a strong capability, a guiding torch,
amidst bad magic --- good magic!

And, though "a strange little sect",
yet ready to believe, to struggle, to win,
for which, despite all mockery
the Strong Voice through the world
is not a bloodless illusion,
but a belief, a religion!

Sacrifices nourish aspirations,
every victory demands martyrs!
Let paleness not cover your face,
noone wants your blood,
but giving, doing, and fervour,
and your heart, but your whole heart!

Alas, all in vain! I realise
that I am shouting away in a desert.
You will still stay in peace,
a society amusing itself.
Oh, where is there consolation
for me --- a poet without a people.

A poet without a people, oh a soul-pressing knowledge,
that ears are deaf to all my calls...
The crying melody sounds out without resonance,
like a torn string in a deserted place.

Should I still make projects, believe and dream like a little boy,
and make a mosaic out of the split bits of language,
or should I throw the pen from my hand, like Kabe,
and start being silent --- father to aborted verses?

It would be more opportune, and certainly more sensible,
to no longer make vain soapbubbles fly by blowing,
and, shrugging my shoulders happily-indifferently,
to no longer sing the "Song Of The Slave" like Schulhof.

But where to go? Where is there an ideal,
on which I would not see a malicious snigger,
in whose altar cloth, crazily, after a battle,
no adorer has already wiped a bloody hand?

There you are, Esperanto! Not glorious and proud,
just orphan, powerless, strengthless, immature,
fainting-prone and helpless and --- maybe --- hopeless,
but noble, white, clear and immaculately pure.

I know you. In the heart you sung as a nightingale
in the night of the world. How you could trill!
Noone heard you, they kept butchering each other "in the real world".
Should I stop my ears to start resembling them?

No! Let the sweet-trilling song still sound in the heart,
oh, sing, small, powerless, dear, dear bird!
Be my beautiful lie shining enchantingly,
be my consolation in our bitter world!

lu ca lo nu ra'udri li'u cu tcita di'e nefi'e la kalman.
KAlotcais. i tu'e

"During the event: trouble-sorrow" labels the following, invented-by
Kalman Kalocsay:

do se vamji lo ba'e nomei .ijanai
do sekainai lonu sanji le selsmu
cu krixa tavla la'elu cnino selcinmo li'u (tosa'a 1moi pinka toi)'enai mi nu'o djuno ledu'u do banro
gi'e vlipa kakne gi'e makfa bairgau
doi lazni ke cecmu lanzu (tosa'a 1moi pinka toi)

You have worth ZERO. That, inc-or-not
you, not characterised by the event: knows the thing meant,
shout-talk about "New Sensation" (1)
(Desire. Incapability) I can and don't know that you grow
and are powerful capable and are magical forcing,
O lazy community/family (1)

.i xu.ianai lenu sanga le ritli ja'e lenu spoja
kei .e lenu kampu ke simymri maljgi
kei .e lenu lei gerna javni
cu se dabysnu lei cizra
noi jdapilno le baucmu
cu mele cnino selcinmo

Is it true that the event: sings the ritual thing with that which is
described as the event: explodes,
and the event: common grammar bad-pride,
and the event: the grammar rule(s)
arer argue-discussed by the set of the wierd
which religious-uses the language basis
are to do with the new sensation?

.i lenu do rivbi be loi se bilga
be'o bebysa'i sekai lo fliba se pacna
gi'e so'oroi selsi'amlu renro le se pikci jdini
le selfityjbu pe le bangu sidbo cuntu
kei cu xu sidju

The event: you {avoid the obliged things}
stupid-stand characterised by an unsuccessful hope
and a few times respected-seeming throw begged money
to the offer-table to do with the language idea affair
is help?

.i mi darxi .i da darxi leda bruna
.ije da se raktu ro nu darxi
.i doi cecmu doi crino cecmu (tosa'a 2moi pinka toi)
mi nu'o djuno .au.e'enai ledu'u do banro
gi'e vlipa kakne gi'e lidne jmigau
gi'e xamgu makfa va'o loi xlali makfa

I hit. x1 hits x1's brother.
And x1 is troubled by any event: hits.
O community O green community (2)
I would know (Desire Incapability) the sentence: you grow
and are powerful capable and are leading understand-actor
and are good magic in environment: bad magic.

.i do cizra ke cmalu jdacecmu ti'e
.iku'i do bredi lenu krici je damba je jinga
.imu'inai ro nunckasu
le fe'eroroi vliki'a (tosa'a 1moi pinka toi)
cu ciblu claxu xanri
nagi'e se krici je lijda cai

You are a strange small religion-community (I hear).
But you are ready to believe and fight and win.
Not motivated by all events of mocking
the all-places strong shouter (1)
is blood-lacking imaginary
not, and a believed thing and a religion.

.i loinu friti cu ba'onri'a lei se djica
.i ronu jinga cu se sarcu loi sfaselxai
.i leko flira cu na'e kandi
.i ro prenu cu djica lenu ledo ciblu cu se barfle
na.e lenu dunda je gasnu je caidji
jeke cinmo na'e ruble

The {events: offer} make grow the wanted things.
All {events: win} have as necessary victims.
(Make it true) Your face is non pale.
All people want the event: your blood outside-flows
not, and the event: gives and acts and strongly wants
and emotes non weakly

.i.uinai roda se steba .i mi sanji lenu
mi krixa vi lo precau stuzi
.i do .e'a cajeba panpi
ke se zdile girzu
.i ma rinka lenu co'u se raktu
mi noi te pemci fo no natmi

(Sad) All x1 are frustrations. I am aware of the event:
I shout at a personless site.
You (Allow) now and in the future are a peaceful
amused group.
What will cause the event: something stops troubling
me, who am the author of poems with audience: no nation.

ni'o te pemci fo no natmi .i.uinai se dunku se djuno
.i rolomi se bacru cu se tirna noda
.i le klaku se zgisku cu di'esna jenaike selminra laurmau
tai tu'a lo porpi gitsko bevi lo se cliva

Para. Poet to no nation. (Sad) anguished-about knowledge.
All my utterances are neard by no x1.
The weeping music-expressed thing is radiating-sound and not reflection louder
in the manner of an action of a broken guitar string at a left place.

.i mi cajeba platu je krici je pacna tai tu'a lo citnanla
gi'e zbasu lo spixra lei fenra bauspi
.ije'i mi renro le penbi tai tu'a la kaben. (tosa'a 3moi pinka toi)
gi'e ge co'a smaji gi ba'o finti loi fliba pemci

I now and in the future plan and believe and hope in the manner of an action
of a young boy,
and make a piece picture out of the split language pieces.
(Connection?) I throw the pen in the manner of the action of Kabe (3)
and both start being silent and have already created failed poems

.i ge nu matyze'a gi nu xaujdi kei
fau leda'inu banai vasxu volgau le zbabu fomselci fliba pe'a
gi'e ge lafti le janco seci'o loka gleki nalselcinri
gi banai sanga la se sefsa'a tai tu'a la culxof. (tosa'a 4moi pinka toi)

There would be both an increased fittingness and a good deciding
in the event: not in the future "breathe fly-[cause]-act" the soap foamcell
and both lifts the shoulder with emotion: a quality happy not interested
and not in the future sing the Slave-song in the manner of the action of
Schulhof (4)

.iku'i ba'obo mi binxo ma .i mi facki lo se krici po'u ma
zi'enoi mi na viska lonu palci cisma pe ke'a ku'o
zi'enoi le selfityjbu bukpu pe ke'a punai fenki se jisysatre
fi lo bluselgai xance ba lo nunda'a fa lo se lijda be ke'a

But in the aftermath I become what. I discover a belief which is what
and such that I don't see an event: evil smile to do with it,
and such that the offer-table cloth to do with it not in the past is crazy
with a blood-covered hand after an event of fighting by one who has it as their

.i.a'o doi banresperanto. do misno najenai jgira
.i do nurprecau je na'e vlipa je na'e tsali je na'e makcu
gi'e ka'e farlu gi'e na'e se sidju je .iacu'i pa'arcau
.iku'i selsi'a je vrude je klina je carmi jinsa

(Hope) O Esperanto you are famous not nor proud.
You are safe-personless and not powerful and not strong and not mature
and can fall and are not helped and (not quite belief) hopeless.
But respected and virtue and clean and strongly pure.

.i mi djuno fi do .i vedu'o le se cinmo do cipni sanga
ca le rolzda nicte .i.ue do xamgu se slivoksa
.i loi prenu cu tirna jundi do nagi'e simcatra ci'e loka ti'e to'e xanri
(tosa'a 5moi pinka toi)
.i .eipeixu mi to'e kligau le kerlo mu'i lenu mi simsa ra

I know about you. In epistemology: the emoted, you bird sang
during the all-house night. (Surprise) You have a good oscillate voice.
People listen paid-attention to you not, and mutually killed in system the
quality of (I hear) not imaginary. (5)
(Obligation?) Is it true that I un-clear-act the ear with motive the event: I
resemble the former? na go'i .i.e'o le pluka se sanga cajeba sance vedu'o lei se cinmo
.i ko sanga doi cipni noi cmalu je ruble je dirba jecai dirba
.i ko melbi je makfa bo carmi jitfa sepu'a mi
.i tu'a ko rinka lenu co'u se raktu ci'e lemi badri rolzda

(Intent) not so. (Request) The pleasing song now and in the future sounds in
epistemology the emoted.
(Make it true) You sing O bird which is small and weak and dear and (!) dear.
(Make it true) You are beautiful and magic-intense lie to please me.
(Make it true) An action of you causes the event: stops troubling in system:
my sad all-house

ni'osa'a pinka .i pamai le se pinka selsku cu spisa le kulnresperanto
ke ritli sanga noi le pamoi pagbu be ke'a cu se fanva la lojbab .e la
.i remai le kamri'o cu sinxa le kulnresperanto
.i cimai la kaben goi la'o py. Kazimierz Bein py. cu vajni fanva ci'e le
kulnresperanto .iku'i la kaben. ca la 1911nan. co'u cmima le kulnu
.i vomai la stanislav. culxof. cu clira te pemci ci'e le kulnresperanto
fi zo'e nemu'u la se sefsa'a. noi notci lenu le cusku naka'e sisti lenu
se kulnresperanto
.i mumai le cusku cu tavla le pamoi ke rolgu'e jemna ne puzi le jaica
pemci finti

Para. Comments. 1. The marked expressed things are pieces of the (culture)
Esperanto ritual song such that the first part of it is translated by Bob
LeChevalier and (separately) Michael Helsem.
2. The quality of green is a sign of the (culture) Esp.
3. Kabe (Kazimierz Bein) is an important translator in system: the (culture)
Esp. However Kabe in 1911 stopped being a member of the culture.
4. Stanislav Schulhof is a early poet in system: the (culture) Esp.
5. The expresser talks of the first all-country war to do with immediately
before the invention of the poem.