By Orzekso
  Translated by Kazimierz Bein (Kabe)
  From: Polish Anthology, Hachette, Paris, 1909, pp. 44-26.
  Translated from the Esperanto by Nick Nicholas

  One after the after, misfortunes befell Rome: fire, plague, and a murderous
  attack of the Etruscans. The town was at that time small and poor, and
  even the race of rabbits, always scared and hungry, would not envy the
  inhabitants their fate. But Numa Pompilius grew up amongst those miserable
  cottages, and at a mature age he thought and struggled for the unfortunate
  popoulation. When then double complaints came out of its breast, he asked
  the heaven and the earth: "why?", calling out to the heaven and the earth:
  "help!". The auguries said: Jupiter is offended! The leader of the people
  should go up the Esquilinan hill, and there in a holy copse the thunder-
  throwing god will appear to him and announce, what offering of repentance
  can remove his anger.

ge zo ranmi cu tcita di'e gi la'o py. orzesko py. finti di'e ni'oni'otu'e

"Myth" is the label of the following and the "Orzesko" invents the following.

loi se la'ornai so'iroi se xlafunca lo fagri kuce lo so'emei terbi'a kuce lonu
lei nat,rtruski. cu mrori'a gunta

Those that constituted the Latin nation at many times were badlucked by
the following in order; a fire, an illness of the great number, and the
event of the Etruscans (nation) death-cause attacking.

.icabo le tcadu cu cmalu je pindi

Simultaneously with this (i.e. not "And then") the town was small and poor.

.i roda nemu'u.u'e le'e ractu noi na'o terpa je xagji na'e jilra loi tcaxa'u
leri dimna

Everyone, eg. (!) the stereotypical rabbit, who is habitually fearful and
hungry, is, not envious towards the town inhabitants of their fate.

.iku'i la numam. pomPIlium. goi ko'a pu'o makcu vave'a lei xlali cmazda gi'e
pensi joi gunka ca le nunmakcu sesi'u lei se xlafunca xabju

However Numa (He1) was being until-mature there, in the broad region of
the bad-condition small-houses, and thought-mixed-with-worked at the
time of maturity for [the helped were:] the badlucked inhabitants.

.isu'anai ri vemau badri

Now they were sad, and there was an amount by which this exceeded.

.isemu'ibo ko'a te preti fi lu ki'u ma li'u le tsani .e le dertu gi'e
ki'asku lu ko sidju .a'onai li'u le tsani .e le dertu

This was the motive by which he was the asker of the question "Because
of what?" to the sky and the ground, and shout-expressed "You, help!
(Despair!)" to the sky and the ground.

.i leinu smadi lo balvi cu jicmu la'edi'e

The events of guessing the future were the basis for the following:

.itu'e la .IUpiter. goi ko'e fengu cai ki'u lo se cusku

(Begin phrase) Jupiter (He2) is angry because of something said.

.i le lidne be le natmi cu .ei gapkla le cmama'a peme'e zo .eskualinas.

The leader of the nation must up-go to the small-mountain with the name

.i vave'a ri ve'i le censa ricfoi le lidri'a cevni baco'a se zgana ko'a gi'e
cusku ledu'u lekau xerselfriti ka'e vimcu leko'e nunfe'u tu'u

There, at the region of Esqualina, and at the specific spot of the holy
tree-field, the lightning-cause god will start being observed by him1
and will express this sentence: The repentance offering (and I name it)
can remove He2's angering. (End of phrase)

  On the hill Esquilina, between the trees covered by the night's
  darkness, Numa threw himself to the ground and his face fell onto the
  grass, wet from the night dew.  Above him appeared the king og thunder
  and favours, of lack of liberty and of liberation.  He appeared in a
  bright thing, which terrified human pupils, in clothes bent like a swan,
  with an eagle at the side and with a bow, stretched by a lightning bolt,
  in the hand.  The trees became motionless, silent became the mumbling
  and the sounds of the earth; in this silence of terror and expectancy
  the voice of Jupiter began (or:  suddenly) made noise:

  --- Onto my altar, in order to quell my anger, you will place tomorrow
  five hundred heads!

ni'o la numam. gapru la .eskualinas. gi'e jbini lei tricu gi'e se vanbi
lo ctemanku

(Para) Numa is above the Esqualina and between some trees and in an environ-
ment of the night-dark thing.

.i ko'a renro ko'a le dertu .ije leko'a flira cu farlu lei srasu noi to'e
sudga ki'u le nicte nu djacu likybi'o

He1 throws Him1 onto the earth. And, He1's face falls onto the mass of grass
which is undry because of the night event of water liquifying.

.i ga'u ko'a co'a se zgana ko'e no'u le traji cevni befi lo lindi .e lo nunydju
.e lonu na'e zifre .e lonu zifri'a

Above Him1 started to be observed the superlative god (that's He2) of lightning
and of helping and of the event of non freedom and of the event of freeing.

.iva'i se zgana fa ko'e nene'i lo gusni poi tepri'a lo'e remna kanla

Equivalently, there was observed He2, who is in the light such that it
caused fear in a typical human eye.

.i dasni lo korcu pe ta'i le cipnrkigno .i mlana lo cipnrakuila gi'e jgari
lo korcu celtci noi se tcena lo lindi

Wears a bent thing which is in the form of a swan. On the side of an eagle
and holding a bent launching tool which is streched by a lightning bolt.

.i lei tricu co'u muvdu .i loi savru be le dertu co'a smaji

The mass of trees abruptly stopped being moved. The mass of noises of the
earth started being silent.

.ibazibo va'o le nunsma pe lo nunteprai zi'epe lo nundenpa le voksa be la
.IUpiter sance

Shortly afterwards in the environment of the silence associated with terrifying
and waiting the voice of Jupiter sounded:

.ilu lemi selfityjbu mu'i lenu ko mligau lemi nunfe'u cu.e'o se cpana ca le
bavlamdei munonole stedu li'u

"My offerings table, so that you must milden my anger, will have on top of
it at the time of tomorrow five hundred things described as heads!"

  The moist grass started mumbling under the trembling body of Numa; his
  soft voice, humbly greatly-requesting, responded:

  --- You demand five hundred heads, Lord of the world, but what sort of
  heads?  My mortal ear did not hear this.  Tomorrow, in the gardens,
  which the Tiber flooding the land hasn't destroyed yet, before the
  golden hairs of Phoebus light up the earth, I will cut off and put on
  your altar five hundred heads of garlic!

  In the again having become silent space suddenly thundered the voice of

  --- You are greedy, Numa, and you try to save up the heads of your
  Romans.  Therefore give me a thousand hearts, torn out of the human

ni'o loi to'e sudga srasu co'a se savru re'o leko'a xadni noi desku

The mass of dry grass started being a source of noise beneath He1's body
which shook.

.i ko'a culcpe joi fraba'u sepi'o leko'a to'e cladu voksa lu ga'inai do mi'ecpe
doi mujytru tu'a munonole stedu be ma

He1 humble-requested-mixed-with-react-said with his1 unloud voice "(Meek) you
command request, O world ruler, an action invloving fivehundred things
called heads of WHAT?

.i le kerlo be mi noi baca'a morsi na tirna ledu'u go'i tu'aloi stedu be

The ear of me who will in fact die didn't hear the sentence "of something
(known/filled in)"

.i mi ca le bavlamdei vave'a le purdi poi naca'a daspo se jaurgai le
rirxe po'u la tiber. ba lenu le slokre be la febos. gusni le tedyplini cu .ai
katna gi'ebazibo punji ledo selfityjbu munonole stedu be lo sunga li'u

I, at the time of the future-adjacent day, there in the region of the garden
such that they were not actually destroy water-covered by the river which
is the Tiber, after the gold hair of Phoebus illuminates the terran planet
will (Intent) cut and straight after put on your offerings table five hundred
things described as heads of a garlic."

ni'o va'o le canlu noi pupujeca smaji ku'o le voksa be la .IUpiter. cu lidba'u
lu do na'e lejnei doi numam.

(para) In the environment of the space which had been and is silent, the
voice of Jupiter lightning spoke "You don't like paying, O Numa.

.isemu'ibo do na vecnu fo lei stedu be loi se la'ornai .ionai

With this motive, you do not sell with the heads of those constituting the
Latin nation

.iseki'ubo ko dunda fi mi fe paki'o risna poi se lacpu fo lo cutne be loi
remna li'u

For this reason, give me one thousand hearts which are pulled out of the
breasts of the mass of humans."

  Numa answered:

  --- Here I am.  I suffer for thousands --- a thousand hearts beat in mi.
  Rip them, Lord, out of my breast.

  --- You also save up hearts.  Then give me one life, but such a one, in
  which my creating genius breathed the highest greatness.

  --- Here I am.  I became the leader of my people, --- I am the greatest
  of them.

  --- I change my will.  I demand, that you sacrifice the life of that one
  of the Romans, who is the lowest of the lowest.

  --- Here I am.  I serve my whole people; I am a servant of everybody, I
  am lower than the lowest.

.i ko'a fraba'u lu mi do'a remna .i mi cnicro sesi'u su'opaki'o prenu

He1 react-said "I (generous) am a human. I feel emotional pain to help at
least a thousand persons.

.i su'opaki'o risna ca'a jmive sau mi .i ko lacpu leri jaisau nunji'e leba'emi
cutne li'u

At least a thousand hearts are actually living, requiring me. Extract their
requisite for living from *my* chest."

.ilu do na vecnu fo loisi'a risna .iseki'ubo ko daspo dunda mi pa nunji'e poi
traji leka banli noi se zbasu mi lemi se vasxu li'u

"It is not the case that you do sell with (also) hearts. For this reason
destroy-give me one life such that it is superlative in the greatness which
has been built by me with my breath."

.ilu go'i fi le nunji'e be mi .i mi lidne lemi natmi .iseni'ibo mi traji leka
banli ku fo lu'ara li'u

"I'll do this [ditto] with the life of me. I am leader of my nation. Therefore,
I am superlative in greatness amongst the set of the members of it."

.ilu mi ca jdice lo drata .i mi mi'ecpe lenu ko spofriti le nunji'e be lo se
la'ornai poi traji leka to'e banli kei fo le'i to'e banli li'u

"I now decide another thing. I demand. Destroy-offer the life of a member of
the Latin nation who is superlative in ungreatness amongst the set of those
described as ungreat."

.ilu go'i le nunji'e be mi .i mi selfu piro lemi natmi .i mi selfu role prenu

"Ditto the life of me. I serve the whole of my nation. I serve all persons.

.iseni'ibo mi zmadu lei to'e banli leka to'e banli li'u

Therefore I am more than the mass of ungreat in ungreatness."

   The brows of the god of thunders became somewhat unfurrowed and the
   terrible lightning bolts wandering [malnatrpolska expression:  erring]
   before his eyes, became pale.  When he started speaking, his voice was
   similar to the thinder which is becoming quiet.

   --- You please me, lover of the heavenly Aegeria.  It is a pity to leave
   you in poor and tormented Rome.  Get up and go into the land of the
   Etruscans.  There the fields are fruitful and the gardens are rich, in
   the marble palaces there sound luxurious feasts and in the holy places
   there stand monuments of great people.  I will order that you be king of
   the powerful and fortunate Etruscans.  Your life will flow in enjoyment,
   and the hands of a master craftsperson will sculpt a monument for you
   and place it on the most high peak.

.i le mebri be le lidycevni cu ruble surla .ije le tepri'a lindi poi cunkla
se krasi ve'i leko'e kanla cu milbi'o

The brow of the lightning-god was weakly relaxed. And the terrifying
thunder which random-go was originated at the specific "place" of He2's
eyes became mild.

.i ca lenu ko'e bacru kei leko'e voksa cu simsa le lidvru poi pu'o smaji

At the time when He2 spoke, He2's voice resembled the lightning noise such
that it is being until-silent.

.ilu do pluka mi doi prami be la .egeriam. noi mucti .i mi kecti lenu
do stali la romam. noi pindi joi se crori'a

"You please me, O lover of Aegeria who is not physical. I pity the fact
that you stay in Rome which is poor and which is being caused to have

.i ko sanli gi'e klama le gugde be loi natrtruski .i vave'a ra loi foldi cu

Be standing and go to the country of the Etruscan nation. In the region
there fields are fertile.

.ije lei purdi cu so'ipra .ije vave'i loi nolzda noi se zbasu fi lo majrmarmaro.
ku'o loi saisla noi ricfu cu savru

And the gardens are many-producers. And at the specific place of the noble-
houses which are built from (material) Marble the meal-celebrations which
are rich are noisy.

.ije ve'i lo malsi loi maixra befo loi misno banli cu sanli

And at the specific "place" of any temple, the material pictures of the famous
great ones stand.

.i mi minde lenu do nolraitru le natrtruski. noi tsali joi se xaurfunca

I order that you are noblest governor of the Etruscans who are strong and
good lucked.

.i le nunji'e be do ba gleki .ije le xance be lo certu cu jaisepi'o zbasu
lo maixra sepu'a do gi'e punji ri lo traji galtu li'u

The life of you will be happy. And the hand of an expert will be the instrument
in making a material picture to please you and will place it on a superlatively
high thing.

  Numa lifted a begging face from the grass, covered with dew and answered
  with a question.

  --- But them, Lord?

  --- You still think about them.  So I won't send you to the Etruscans,
  but will take you into my heaven.  Lo, there stretches out to you the
  wing of my eagle.  It is wide and soft.  Put on it your members, tired
  from earthly work, and on the delicate waves of the air fly into the
  space of immortal happiness!

  Numa asked again:

  --- But they, Lord?  But my Romans?

  --- You still think about them!  Think about your Aegeria.  She is an
  inhabitant of heaven, you a son of the earth.  Only secretly and rarely
  can you see her by the edge of the little river, which was made from her
  tears.  Your death will cut the string of your love.  You will not see
  her in dark Erebus, and for her my Olympus will become a dark Erebus.
  Lo, I send a lightningbolt from my bow; catch the fiery ribbon in your
  hands, it will take you to Aegeria and eternal happiness.

ni'o la numam. lafti leko'a flira ne seci'o le ka pikci kei fo lei srasu noi se
gacri lo ctejau gi'e fraba'u lo preti

Numa lifted He1's face (which had emotion the quality of begging)
from the grass which was covered by night water and react-said a question.

.ilu doi cevni lemi se natmi cu mo li'u

"O god my constituents of the nation will be what?"

.ilu do caca'a pensi ri .iseki'ubo mi na'e klagau do le natrtruski. gi'e
bevri do lemi tsani

"You now actually think of them . For this reason I will do something other
than make you go to the Etruscans, and will carry you to my heaven.

.i le nalci be lemi cipnrakuila. cu tcena do .i le go'i cu ganra je ranti

The wing of my (bird) eagle stretches to you. The same is wide and soft.

.i ko punji ledo xadni noi tatpi ki'u le remna nu gunka ku'o le go'i

Place your body (which is tired because of the human work) onto it.

.ije ga'a loi ralci boxna be lo vacri ko voikla le canlu pe lonu gleki poi
noroi sisti li'u

And over the delicate waves in the medium of the air fly into the space
associated with the event of being happy which never stops."

.i la numam. si'a te preti fi lu lemi se natmi cu mo .i lei se la'ornai cu mo

Numa similarly was the asker of the question "The consituents of my nation
will be what? The constituents of the Latin nation will what?"

.ilu do pujecaca'a pensi ri .ue .i ko pensi la .egeriam. pe do .i ri goi ko'a
tsanyxa'u .i do xabju le tedyplini

"You were and are now actually thinking of them (surprised). Think of the one
called Aegeria associated with you. She (She1) is a heaven inhabitant. You
inhabit the earth planet.

.i do so'uroi viska ta'i lenu mipri kei sekai lenu do kansa no prenu kei ko'a ne
ne'a lo rirxe poi se zbasu fi leiko'a klakyjau

You a few times see, in the manner of being secret, characterised by the
event of you being with nobody, her1 who is next to a river built out of
she1's weeping water.

.i lenu do morsi cu katna stiri'a ledo nunpra .i do baku'anoroi viska ko'a
vuve'u la .erebos. noi manku

The event of you being dead will cut make cease your love. You will-intersect-
never see her1 in the great far region of Erebus which is dark

.icabo ci'o ko'a la .Olimpos. ne mi binxo la .erebos. noi manku .i ko zgana lenu
mi benji do lo lindi lemi celtci

At the same time, as emoted by her1, my Olympus will become an Erebus which is
dark. Observe that I send you a lightning bolt from my bent launcher.

.i ko kavbu le fagri dasri ledo xance .i le sego'i cu bevri do la .egeriam. e lo
nu gleki poi noroi sisti li'u

Capture the fire ribbon with your hand. The second argument of the last
predication will carry you to Aegeria and to an event of happiness which never

  The wet grass trembled under a long moan of Numa, but lifting his head
  from the earth he said again:

  --- But they, Lord?  But they?  But they?

  The lightning, to speed immediately brom the bow of Jupiter, was
  extinguished, the wings of the eagle gathered.  On the strong shoulders
  of Jupiter the hairs waved more and more delicately, and in the voice of
  the angry god there were heard favourabled sounds, when he said:

  --- Numa, make it true that there should flow in Rome a river of a love
  such as yours, and I will tie up all arrows in my arrow container!

  The heavenly apparition became hidden.  In the holy copse remained Numa
  with his face on the ground.  In the night darkness the grass trembled
  under his moans, was wettened by the dew of his tears.

  --- How will I do this, Lord of the world?  How can I do this?

ni'o lei to'e sudga srasu cu desku .iga'abo la numam. clatei cmoni

The mass of undry grass was shaken. Above this, Numa moaned long.

.i ko'a lafti leko'a flira le dertu gi'e fraba'u lu le se la'ornai cu mo .i ri
cu mo .i ri cu mo li'u

He1 lifted He1's face from the dirt and react-said "The constituent of the
Latin nation will be what? They will be what? They will be what?"

.i le lindi poi bapu'o ka'e sutra vebe'i leko'e celtci cu co'u jelca

The lighning bolt which will be anticipatedly potentially fast with origin
He2's bent launcher stopped burning.

.i lei nalci be le cipnrakuila. cu se jmaji .i re'o leko'e re tsali janco lei
kerfa cu se boxna racyze'a

The mass of wings of the (bird) eagle became gathered. On He2's two strong
shoulders the mass of hair was medium-for-wave more-delicate.

.i ci'e le voksa be le ta'e fengu cevni lo sance pe loka zanru cu se zgana
ca lenu ko'e bacru lu ko rinka doi numam. lenu vi la romam. lo nunpra pe du'i
ledo nunpra cu pe'a rirxe

In the system (context) made up of the voice of the habitually anrgy god
a sound associated with the ameliorative state was observed at the time He2
said "Cause, O Numa, that in Rome an event of loving which is equal to your
event of loving 'be a river'.

.iseki'ubo mi nalpilno punji rolemi danti lemi dantyvau li'u

For that reason I non-use put all my projectiles into my projectile conatiner."

ni'o le tsani se zgana cu canci .i la numam. stali le censa ricyci'e
sekai lenu leko'a flira cu cpana le dertu

The sky observed thing vanished. Numa remained in the holy tree system with
characteristic He1's face was on the earth.

.i va'o le ctemanku lei srasu cu se desku re'o leko'a nuncmo gi'e co'a to'e
sudga ki'u leko'a klakyjau

In the environment of the night dark-thing the mass of grass was shaken under
He1's event of moaning and started to be undry because of He1's weeping water.

.ilu mi zukte tai ma doi mujytru .i mi ka'e zukte tai ma fa'o

"I act in which manner O world lord? I can act in which manner