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Short Table of Contents

1. le fukpi
2. pamoi pagbu [The Old Testament]
3. papipamo'o krasi
4. papiremoi pagbu [Book of Exodus]
5. papicimoi pagbu [Book of Leviticus]
6. papimumoi pagbu [Book of Deuteronomy]
7. papibimoi pagbu [Book of Ruth]
8. papiparemoi pagbu [Fourth Book of Kings]
9. papirenomoi pagbu [Book of Job]
10. papirevomo'o la selsa'a pe la solomon.
11. papicipamoi pagbu [Prophecy of Ezechiel]
12. papivomumoi pagbu [First Book of Machabees]
13. remoi pagbu [The New Testament]
14. repivomoi pagbu [Gospel According to St. John]
15. repimumoi pagbu [Acts of the Apostles]
16. cimoi pagbu

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